• Yoga Nidra Series

    Yoga Nidra is an ancient but little known yogic practice described as “the sleep that awakens pure being.” A guided meditation that induces full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness, Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down with the aid of blankets and props to support, comfort, and ground the body and mind. Recent medical research highlights the effectiveness of Yoga Nidra in improving sleep, balancing the nervous system, and healing physical and psychological trauma. As a meditation practice, it engenders a profound sense of joy, peacefulness and well-being. A deceptively simple practice, its various elements, taken together and ... Read more
  • Friday Night Bhakti!

    Rooted in the tradition of Kirtan, Friday Night Bhakti is a weekly gathering around music, poetry, and fellowship. Featuring local musicians and kirtan artists, this is a by-donation community event in downtown Asheville at Studio Zahiya. Bhakti as a yoga philosophy suggests that the expression of art is a profound spiritual practice that gives intimate voice to the human heart and directly connects us with our noblest aspirations and our sense of belonging in the universe. Kirtan is Bhakti in its musical form--addressing the most essential human need for Love through singing heart-moving songs as a collective spiritual practice. Friday ... Read more
  • The Spiritual Discipline of Self-Love

    Trees need light, air, water, soil. They do not try to “rise above” their needs. If those needs are met, they thrive; if not, they fail. We are conditioned by modern society to feel embarrassed and apologetic, to feel that it is a sign of weakness to have needs, especially emotional and spiritual needs. We are taught that responsibility means setting the intuitive wisdom of our needs aside in order to survive and play a role in society. How can we possibly be present for this miraculous and mysterious gift of life if we are not working every day to ... Read more
  • The Mindful Heart: Exploring the Spiritual Discipline of Self-Love

    on Square Market The Mindful Heart is an 8-week transformational journey that offers a nurturing and supportive space to dive into personal struggles and explore practical means of establishing a compassionate discipline of Self-love. Our steps on this journey lead us through: Mindfulness and Meditation ~ Gentle Yoga Asanas ~ Deep Relaxation Techniques ~ Authentic Communication Practices ~ Cultivation of Routine & Ritual ~ Self-Inquiry and Expressive Arts ~ Self-Reflection and Group Dialogue---------------------------------------------------- 8-Week Series: Sundays, July 13th - August 31st, 7pm-9pm at Studio Zahiya (in downtown Asheville)-------------------- Early Registration (by June 15th) ~ $140------------------- Registration by July 12th (final registration day) ... Read more
  • Register for Day of Healing: A Mindfulness Retreat, May 24th

    on Square Market We need 'reminder' days - sacred time set aside to calm the body, soften the heart, and quiet the mind enough to hear our innermost truths. This mindfulness retreat affords a day to practice consciously opening our hearts to the present moment and to our internal and shared awareness. Deep relaxation exercises, contemplative time in nature, and council practice weave through a group-supported centering day of restorative reflection. $50 to register. Partial scholarships available for financial hardship. 9am-4pm at the Swannanoa Valley Friends Meetinghouse. Contact for more info ~ info@jennesluder.com 828 778 ... Read more

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