• Register for Day of Healing: A Mindfulness Retreat, May 24th

    on Square Market We need 'reminder' days - sacred time set aside to calm the body, soften the heart, and quiet the mind enough to hear our innermost truths. This mindfulness retreat affords a day to practice consciously opening our hearts to the present moment and to our internal and shared awareness. Deep relaxation exercises, contemplative time in nature, and council practice weave through a group-supported centering day of restorative reflection. $50 to register. Partial scholarships available for financial hardship. 9am-4pm at the Swannanoa Valley Friends Meetinghouse. Contact for more info ~ info@jennesluder.com 828 778 ... Read more
  • Having Gone Far I Return (Album Release and Tour 2014)

    After a nearly two-year hiatus of singing primarily to troubled teens as the program manager of a therapeutic wilderness school, I am pleased as punch to announce the release of my new album -- Having Gone Far, I Return -- and a subsequent national music tour in 2014. 

    If you are near as excited as I am about that, here's the skinny...

    Buy the Album

    Having Gone Far, I Return is my second album. It is an EP of all original songs. One of them is the very first song I ever wrote and the rest are brand new tunes. The official release date for the ... Read more

  • Existential, logistical, and otherwise (March 11, 2011)

    Somewhere between San Diego and Houston, I discovered that I am actually not crazy after all. Or, I discovered that I am uncommonly stubborn about being crazy, which is fortunate. Those who have received me on the road thus far -- friends, audiences, hair stylists, natural monuments, and that unforgettable Cuban guy at the Orange County gas station -- have steadily unveiled a heartfelt consensus that I am right where I am supposed to be (in their presence) doing exactly what I ought to be doing (singing). To say that I have abandoned a path of decay for a means ... Read more

  • February and beyond (Feb 4, 2011)

    Tomorrow I cross the border of California for points east. With some sadness, I wave farewell to the west coast until next fall (yep, you heard me right; I'm already planning the post-tour Tour...).

    After a rejuvenating hiatus in so-Cal, tomorrow morning I hop onto US I-8 toward an extremely musical month of February -- look out Arizona and New Mexico. The month of March will include major stops in Houston and New Orleans. The music schedule is lighter in March so I am hoping for an opportunity or two to focus my energies on some nature-based community ritual. Let me ... Read more

  • What the hell am I doing? (January 15, 2011)

    I walk somewhat timidly into the Mandolin Cafe, a spacious and elegant coffee house in the heart of Tacoma. I don't know a soul in the place and have no idea what to expect when I walk through the doors. With these smallish venues I frequent, the reception I get when I walk in with my guitar strapped to my back varies widely -- a befuddled barista stoically acknowledging that "oh yeah, I guess we are having music tonight..."; bustling waiters that seem vaguely annoyed that I need a meal and a glass of water to nourish the vocal chords ... Read more

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